Clients of GDMFX Can Now Earn a Fixed 8% Income On Their Deposits


Auckland, New-Zealand: GDMFX is launching the new FIXED INCOME Program, where all participating GDMFX Traders can receive an 8% annual income on the free funds in their Trading Accounts.

We believe this is a game changer as the program is available for both Forex and Binary Options Accounts, for the first time ever.

Although it is not a new offer on the Forex Market, GDMFX has a major advantage over the competition. GDMFX has simplified the terms allowing clients to keep their normal trading style.

The extreme flexibility is what makes the Fixed Income Program different from other similar offerings, as it does not stipulate heavy minimal trading requirement tied with deadlines, which makes it extremely difficult to keep the Interest earned.

“We believe that with the launch of this new program, we are able to demonstrate our commitment to our clients’, offering them a potentially appreciating asset on top of their profits rather than withdrawing it to a bank which pays lower interest”, said the Manager of the European Division at GDMFX.

This new account feature will be available in two different setups- Classic and SWAP-FREE Islamic Deposit. They differ in how the interest rates are derived and applied to the account.

Each Trading Account participating in the Classic Set-Up shall earn an annual interest of 8% on its own Free Funds compounded monthly. Compound interest has a snowball effect on the clients’ funds – over time the account grow as interest is earned on interest. On the other hand, the SWAP-FREE Islamic Deposit Set-Up let traders to earn an 8% Fixed Annual Profit-Share Based on the Shariah contract of Commodity Murabahah (cost-plus sale).

GDMFX’s Fixed Income Program is available for both existing and new clients for deposits made from 1st of August 2016 onwards.

GDMFX is an online forex broker that offers one of the most flexible trading conditions with up to 10 sub-trading accounts per clients with no deposit fees. Traders can choose from five account types and use 3 social trading platforms at the same time.