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New Account and Personal Information

What types of accounts do you offer?

GDMFX offers four types of accounts:


1. Standard
2. Blade
3. Blade PRO - by special arrangement
4. Prime account - by special arrangement

More info about our trading accounts can be found here.

What’s the minimum deposit to open an account?
The minimum deposit for each type of account is as follows:


$100 USD for a Standard Classic account
$200 USD for Blade account, and
$5000 USD for Blade PRO account, and
$200,000 USD for Prime account.

More info regarding our account types can be found here.

Does GDMFX offer a swap-free account?
Yes, GDMFX offers swap-free trading accounts which adhere to the Islamic law (Sharia). With the swap-free account, there will be no interest charges/ roll-over fees when traders extend positions to the next day. Accordingly, there will be no interest earned by the client. Swap charges on Wednesdays are triple, whereas swaps from Friday towards Monday are charged only once.
How can I request for a swap-free account?
In order to be qualified for a swap free account, you must either:


(i) Be a Muslim, i.e. one whose religion is Islam (proof required)
(ii) Be introduced to GDMFX by an Introducing Broker/Agent who has a special agreement with our Company to provide such services to his/her traders.

If you meet either of the two requirements above, please contact us here to request for swap free account. A document indicating your religion might be requested.

What are the necessary steps to open a Personal LIVE Account?
To open and activate a LIVE account, follow 3 simple steps:


Step 1. Fill out the registration forms and agree to our terms and conditions. You can open an account here.

Step 2. Confirm your email registration by clicking on the button “Click Here to Confirm” in the email titled “Response Required: Please Confirm Your Email”. You will then be able to access your BMP Trader’s Room.
If under some circumstances you are not able to see this email, please contact us here for assistance.

Step 3. Upload two supporting documents in the “Settings” page of your BMP Trader’s Room:
One valid (not expired) Government Issued Picture ID document. For example: National ID Card (both front and back side), Driver’s License (both front and back side), Passport.

Any of the following documents showing the Names and current address of the Applicant. The Document must be not older than three months: Bank Statement, Utility Bill (gas, water, electric or land line telephone), Credit Card Statement. Please note, mobile phone bills are not accepted!

Upon successful verification of your documents, you will receive an email titled “Account Approved!” which contains the login credentials to your MT4 trading account. From this point on you will have access to the full functionality of your BMP Trader’s Room and the MT4 platform facility.
Download MT4 platform for your desktop here.

How long does it take to approve a new account?
It will take up to 24 business hours to approve a new account.
What leverage does GDMFX provide?
GDMFX provides leverage up to 1:500 depending on the account type.
Refer here for more information.
Can I change my username?
GDMFX will only allow the use of your primary email as your Trader’s room username.


For authentication purposes, you will NOT be allowed to change your username.

I forgot my Trader’s room password. What should I do?
Simply click on the “Forgot password” link at the login screen of your GDMFX Trader’s room, and instructions will be sent to your email as to how to reset your password.


Contact us here for further assistance.

How can I change my personal information?
Go to the “Settings” page of your Trader’s room to change your personal details e.g. phone number, residential address, password, etc.


NOTE that you will NOT be able to change your NAME or EMAIL address as we have disabled it for security and safety reasons.

Should you need to change your NAME, email customersupport@gdmfx.com with the appropriate identification document(Passport or National ID card) attached.


What are the deposit methods offered by GDMFX?
GDMFX offers 4 payment systems:


1. AlgoCharge: With this payment gateway, you can deposit using Visa/Mastercard debit/credit card.

Each email account will be allowed to make 4 transactions per day regardless of success or failure.
Each transaction will have a maximum deposit limit of $5,000 USD.
Your account will be reimbursed the 5% transaction fee (if incurred) upon request (document required) if you use the AlgoCharge payment gateway.
For a video tutorial, please refer here.

2. Via Bank Wire/ Telegraphic Transfer: This is the classic type of international fund transfer where it may take between 3 and 7 business days for the deposit to show up in your MT4 trading account.
For deposit amounts equal or greater than $500 USD, you may be entitled for a local bank charges/Intermediary bank charges fee waiver.
For more information on Deposit Fee Waiver, please click here.

3. Via Neteller.

3. Via Perfect Money - available for India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

For more information about our Deposit and Withdrawal methods please refer here.

Upon your first deposit, you might be entitled to receiving a bonus. For more information please refer to our Promotions section or contact your Personal Account Manager.

What currencies can I deposit?
GDMFX accepts deposits in EUR, USD and GBP.
How do I wire money into my GDMFX account?
In order to find our bank information, please log into your Trader's Room -> Funds -> Deposit Funds -> Bank Transfer.


For possible Deposit Fee Waiver, please email your Telegraphic Transfer slip to accounts@gdmfx.com with your MT4 account number as the subject.

More information on Deposit Fee Waiver can be found here.

You might be eligible for a bonus promotion. Please refer to the Promotions section on our website.

Does GDMFX charge a wiring fee?
No, GDMFX does not charge a wiring fee for incoming deposits, but there is fee of $20 for withdrawing via TT/Wire Transfer.
Does GDMFX accept credit cards as the deposit/withdrawal method for the accounts?
GDMFX accepts credit card for deposits.


Funds are being sent to their origin, profits via bank transfer. All withdrawals via Bank Transfer have a flat fee of $20 USD per withdrawal request regardless of the amount being requested.


How do I withdraw funds from my account?
To request for a fund withdrawal, follow 2 easy steps below:


1. Login to your Trader’s room > Funds > Withdraw Funds
2. Fill in your bank details and click on “Submit”.

Funds are being sent to their origin, profits via bank transfer. All withdrawals via Bank Transfer have a flat fee of $20 USD per withdrawal request regardless of the amount being requested. There could be some additional charges from your bank if it does not use the same Intermediary bank as us. Please contact your bank to find out which Intermediary Bank it uses for USD denominated transactions to avoid future confusion of excessive charges.

Our officers will verify your bank details and the request will be processed within 3-7 business days.

Can funds be transferred to a bank account other than my own?
Funds can only be transferred to a bank account bearing the same name as stated on your GDMFX’s Trader’s Room

Live Trading Related

What is the MetaTrader 4 trading platform?
MetaTrader 4, developed by MetaQuotes Software Corporation, is an electronic trading platform widely used for online retail foreign exchange trading. It provides various tools for price analysis, simplified trade order and execution procedures for the traders and is by far the most popular electronic trading platform in the world.


More information on the MT4 trading platform can be found here.

For a video tutorial, please refer here.

What is leverage? How can I change it?
Leverage is the usage of borrowed capital (margin) to increase the potential return of an investment. GDMFX offers leverage up to 1:500 to our clients.


Please be advised that leverage availability differs depending on your account type. Refer here for more details.

What is the minimum trade size?
The minimum contract or lot size offered by GDMFX is 1000 units of base currency which equates to 1 micro lot. For example, if you were to trade 1 micro lot of GBPUSD, you would be trading 1,000 Pound Sterling.
What kind of spreads do you offer?
GDMFX offers fixed spreads for Standard Classic account, and variable Interbank spreads for our ECN Blade, Blade PRO and Prime accounts.


More information about our spreads can be found here.

What are the products you offer? Can I trade indices?
GDMFX offers 35 currency pairs, precious metals (Gold and Silver), energy commodities (Crude Oil, Natural Gas), and a few of the most popular Stock indices. In addition we offer Binary Options trading on currency pairs, gold and silver. As our client, you are welcome to trade in all of the available financial instruments found in our platform.


More information on our products can be found here.

Can I change my trading account currency?
Yes, you can change your trading account currency between US Dollar, Euro, Great British Pound Sterling, Australian Dollar and Japanese Yen (according to your account types). Additional charges are applicable when changing your trading account currency from one to another.


Contact us here for further assistance.

Can I lose more than I deposited?
No, our clients will not lose more money that what is left in their trading account balance. GDMFX will, on a real-time and automatic basis, execute a Stop-Out when a client's account has less equity available than required to maintain his/her open positions. This automatic execution of a Stop-Out is to protect our clients from losing more money than what they have available in their account balance, whilst also protecting the interest of GDMFX.
Is hedging allowed?
Yes, GDMFX allows our clients to hedge any or all of their positions so long as there is sufficient liquidity to do so.
Are scalpers allowed?
GDMFX respects all trading styles as long as they adhere to our Order Execution and other Policies. High-speed scalping/arbitrage is not allowed. For more information, please refer here.
Do you offer VPS services?
No, GDMFX does not offer VPS, but have no objections to their use.
Do you offer trading signals?
No, GDMFX does not provide trading signals. We provide the tools and trade history for our clients to help them make the best out of their trading activities, we do not however offer any investment advice.
MQL Signals (Social Trading) - My Trades are rejected
Please note, if you would like to use Social Trading with an MQL Signal Provider, a separate MT4 Account with disabled Binary Options must be opened for you. In order to do so, please send a request to customersupport@gdmfx.com and the special account will be organized for you.
What are the PC system requirements to run the platform?
The minimum system requirement to run the MT4 platform is as below:
Operating systems: Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor: 1.5 GHZ
Broadband Internet connection


Recommended requirements by GDMFX is as below:
Operating systems: Windows Vista/XP/Seven
Processor: 2 GHZ or higher
RAM: 2 GB or more
Stable Broadband Internet connection

The above recommendations only serve as a general guideline on the system requirements to run MetaTrader 4. Clients are strongly recommended to use a fast and stable Internet connection to avoid technical issues and delays.

Can I trade using my mobile device and tablet PC?
Yes, you can trade on your smartphone such as iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile phone and tablet such as the iPad, Android tablet, and Windows tablet through the respective Application (please search your Device's App Store for MetaTrader 4).


Please note that some of the indicators and templates might be limited on mobile devices and tablet. To overcome this, you may need to use VPS server with a remote desktop program running to access the full functional MT4.

More information regarding our trading platforms can be found here.

I forgot my MT4 trading account password. What should I do?
You can request a password reset by sending an email to customersupport@gdmfx.com, from the email of your GDMFX registration.


Upon successful login, please remember that you can always change the password to your liking by going to Tools > Options. It is located in the Menu Tab at the top left corner of your MT4 platform terminal.

How can I access my past transaction history in the platform?
Past transaction history in MetaTrader 4 can be found in the “Account History” Tab in the Terminal Window.


If you could not find the Terminal Window, please follow the following steps: Click View>Terminal. Right click in the “Account History” tab and choose All History to view all past transactions.

Where can I find my account balance/margin/free margin/equity/profit and loss?
You can find your current balance, margin, free margin, equity, and profit or loss in the Trade tab of the Terminal window in the MetaTrader4 platform.


If you cannot find the Terminal Window, please press View>Terminal

How do I insert chart indicators?
Basic indicators offered in MetaTrader 4 can be added by clicking on Insert> Indicators.
How do I add my custom indicators/scripts/experts?
Please follow the steps below:


1. Please open the MT4

2. Click on File

3. Click on Open Data Folder

4. Open the MQL4 folder

5. Paste the file in Indicators / Scrips / Experts

6. If the file you pasted in step 5 is with the .mq4 extension -> double click on the .mq4 file. This opens the code in the MetaEditor. Go to File -> Compile.

If the file you pasted in step 5 is of .ex4 extension, skip to step 7

7. Restart the MT4


Binary Options

What underlying assets are available for GDMFX Binary Options?
Currencies and commodities are available in trading Binary Options.
How to Install the MT4 Binary Options Extension?
You can install Binary Options Extension here.
How to login to GDMFX MT4 Binary Options?
Once you installed Binary Options Extension, open it and GDMFX Binary Options login window will appear. Input your login details from your GDMFX Forex trading account and click Login.
How can I see Binary Options Symbols?
Once you login, a standard GDMFX MT4 platform will be opened. Right click on the Market Watch window and choose on ‘Show All’ button. Look for the symbols with extension “bo”. For example, EURUSDbo.
How to place an order in Binary Options?
Double click on one of the Binary Options symbols (such as EURUSDbo). A trading window will appear. Set the amount that you are willing to invest (in account currency), choose a timeframe and click UP or DOWN button.
How do I view the outcome of a trade?
You can see the outcome of your trade when the time of a binary options expire and also in the “Account History” section of the platform.