100% G Binary Bonus Terms & Conditions


The following Terms and Conditions shall be considered an inseparable part of the Client Agreement between Global Derivative Capital Markets NZ Limited referred to as “GDMFX” and “The Company” and all Customers that have requested and have subsequently been granted a 100% Binary Bonus, referred hereinafter as “Bonus”.

These Terms are binding and all Customers are advised to read through them carefully and to seek independent advice where necessary.

GDMFX does not recommend this Bonus to Customers who lack the experience or knowledge needed in order to use its properties to their advantage.


All New and Existing Customers of GDMFX can request to receive the Bonus equal to 100% of their Eligible Deposits if the following conditions are met:

  • The Customer has Eligible Newly Deposited Capital of minimum USD 500.00 or its equivalent in another currency in the Trading Account for which the Bonus Request is made.

  • The Trading Account in which the newly deposited capital is made and for which the Bonus Request is submitted must be of a Blade Binary account type

  • If on one and the same day the Customer makes several new deposits, the total eligible amount of deposits based on which the Bonus will be granted shall be considered the total of those new same-day deposits

  • Bonus requests shall be accepted no later than 48 business hours after making the new eligible deposit(s)

  • The Customer hasn't purchased any Binary Options with his/her newly deposited capital

  • A Bonus can be requested and granted only once per Customer and cannot be placed and/or used in separate Trading Accounts.

  • GDMFX shall consider the Deposited Capital of a Customer to be an “Eligible Deposit” if the Deposit has been made after the 1st of November 2017. Internal Transfers from Trading Accounts belonging to the Customer are not considered Eligible Deposits.

GDMFX reserves the right to deny any Bonus Request or to reduce the granted Bonus Amount based on its sole discretion and without providing any explanation for its decision.

Properties of the Bonus

  • Size: The Bonus can be up to 100% of the Eligible Deposits of the Customer. The Bonus cannot exceed 5000 USD or its equivalent in another currency

  • Type: The Bonus is added to the Trading Account of the Customer as Balance and is fully trade-able. For example: If the Customer deposits USD 1,000.00 and requests a 100% Bonus, GDMFX can grant the Customer another USD 1,000.00 Balance as a Trade-able Bonus.

    Therefore the Customer will have a total capital of USD 2,000.00, which can then be used to purchase Binary Options Instruments on the Trading Platform of GDMFX. If as a result of losing trades the Customer loses all USD 2,000.00 of his trading capital, there shall be no liability to refund part of or all of the Bonus to The Company.

  • Bonus Trading Account: Once a Bonus Request has been approved, The Company shall allocate the Bonus and the associated Deposited Capital to a Trading Account in the name of the Customer, also referred to as “Bonus Trading Account” with the following conditions:

    • The Bonus Trading Account can be denominated in EUR, USD or GBP currency.

    • No Internal Transfers from the Bonus Trading Account to other Trading Accounts shall be allowed.

    • The Bonus Trading Account shall be based on the “Blade Binary” Account Type offered by GDMFX and described on the Company’s website. All properties of the Bonus Account shall be the same as those of the said Account Type with the exception of the properties described herein.

  • No other Promotions or Special Arrangements can be applied to the Bonus Account in combination with the present promotion.

  • The Company reserves the right to change the properties of the Trading Account on which the Bonus Request has been made and to consider it a Bonus Trading Account.

Bonus Withdrawal

Customers will be able to withdraw the Bonus once a Minimal Trading Requirement, also referred to as “MTR” has been fulfilled in the Bonus Trading Account. Once the Minimal Trading Requirement has been fulfilled the Bonus is considered to have been permanently and irrevocably awarded from The Company to the Customer and furthermore, the amount of the Bonus shall cease to be referred to as “Bonus” and will from that moment on be considered as profit that has been achieved by the Customer.

The MTR for the 100% Bonus is considered to have been fulfilled when the Customer has purchased Binary Options for the bonus amount multiplied by 50. For example, if the Bonus amount is 1000 USD then the required amount of Binary Options to be purchased in order to withdraw the bonus, is equal to 50 000 USD. If the bonus is equal to 3000 EUR, then the MTR is equal to 150 000 EUR.

  • The Minimal Trading Requirement is considered to have been fulfilled when 100% of the Bonus has been released. At this point, the G Binary trading platform will automatically reflect the bonus as having been converted by the Customer

  • Partial conversion of the Bonus is not allowed.

Bonus Limitations

The Bonus offered by GDMFX is allowing its users to benefit in multiple ways by using it to purchase Binary Options, without having to reimburse The Company if they lose the capital that has been granted to them. Therefore all Customers are warned that the following restrictions will be imposed on their Bonus Trading Accounts from the moment when the Bonus is granted until its Minimal Trading Requirement has been fulfilled, or otherwise until GDMFX has cancelled or otherwise removed the Bonus:

  • Withdrawal requests will be processed only for profits. The total amount of submitted withdrawals at any given time in the Bonus account shall not exceed the amount of the granted bonus

  • Customers are informed and agree that in the cases when the Customer insists on making a withdrawal from his/her Bonus Trading Account before the Minimal Trading Requirement has been fulfilled, and the amount of submitted withdrawals from the Bonus account exceeds the amount of the Bonus granted, GDMFX shall be forced to act in accordance with the Bonus Cancellation Procedure described in the present policy.

Bonus Expiration

The bonus shall be revoked 12 months after the date it was granted. If at that time the Minimal Trading Requirement has not been reached, in addition to revoking the Bonus, GDMFX shall reduce the profits proportionately to the trading requirement fulfilled. Example: A deposit of 1000 USD is made, upon which a 100% bonus is granted. The Minimal Trading Requirement is 50 000 USD. After 12 months the total Binary Options purchased in the Bonus account amount to 20 000 USD and the profit is 2500 USD. GDMFX shall remove the bonus, and revoke 30 000/50 000 (unfulfilled trading requirement/total trading requirement) = 1500 USD, out of the profits.

If at the time the bonus is revoked, the balance of the Bonus trading account is less than or equal to the initial deposit, only the bonus shall be revoked.

Bonus Cancellation

GDMFX reserves the right to cancel an assigned / granted Bonus entirely at its own discretion in the event of:

  • In all cases when the Customer is in breach of any of the Terms and Conditions of GDMFX

  • In case of Account Termination as specified in the GDMFX Client Verification and Administration Policy

  • If the Customer insists on making a withdrawal from the Bonus Trading Account before the Minimal Trading Requirement has been fulfilled, and the total amount of submitted withdrawals from the Bonus account exceeds the amount of the bonus.

Customers are explicitly warned and agree that in the event of Bonus Cancellation, GDMFX shall withdraw the full amount of the bonus that has been granted to the Customer in the Bonus Trading Account and any realized profit in the said account shall be forfeited and deemed invalid as it has been gained through the use of the Bonus. All Customers are specifically warned that losing positions will not be voided in order to prevent any attempts to exploit the present procedure as a means to wrongfully reimburse losses.

The above outlined obligations of the Customer shall be satisfied first before any other fees, commissions or other payments owed to The Company are deducted.

Customers are explicitly warned and agree that the decision of GDMFX shall be final, non-negotiable and non-reversible.