Internal Complaints Processing Policy

Our Internal Complaints Process (“ICP”)

What customers can expect from Global Derivative Capital Markets NZ Limited (hereinafter referred to as “GDMFX”)

GDMFX will:

  • Treat you - the complainant -   with respect and in a fair and courteous manner. This includes ensuring that you (the client)  understand the language that is being used;

  • Provide the complainant with a clear understanding of the available options. This includes how to make a complaint, the steps involved in resolving the complaint, and the next level of recourse if the complaint cannot be resolved internally.

  • Provide a fair hearing and a clear explanation of the outcome of the complaint even if it is not favourable to us. If your complaint is valid, a suitable resolution will aim to place you in the position you would have been in had things not gone wrong.

  • Acknowledge any wrongdoing or error.


As a provider of Financial Services we have implemented an internal complaints process for handling complaints relating to the financial services we provide.

The Benefits

As part of our policy of good governance and respect for our clients we see every complaint as an opportunity to assess business processes and improve them wherever possible. We believe a good complaints process will provide a way for our  clients to give us feedback on the services we provide and  serves as a quick and efficient means of resolving any difficulties if they arise and to  promote good relations and communication with our clients.

We believe the fundamental nature of a good ICP is to resolve complaints quickly once the facts, evidence and circumstances are established.

To achieve this GDMFX’s ICP:

  • is open and visible to clients

  • Is a part of our  disclosure documentation

  • has a dedicated person responsible for ensuring that it remains up-to-date, and

  • Is responsive to clients.