Fund Manager

You handle the trading. GDMFX does everything else.


  • Use GDMFX MAM to manage your clients’ accounts from one platform

  • Easily disable or enable any investor account

  • Gain access to the GDMFX Prime Account 

  • Trade with Expert Advisors

  • Scalper friendly

  •  Customized Allocation type for qualified Money Managers


Email to learn more about bringing your clients to GDMFX.


How It Works

Once the client opens an account with GDMFX, both you and the client need to sign a Limited Power of Attorney (LPOA). The LPOA gives you the legal authority to trade the account and outlines the terms of payment.

Your compensation is strictly up to you and the client. GDMFX only handles the trading and deposits.


Fund Manager Minimums

The minimum assets under management must exceed $5,000 within a minimum of three trading accounts at any time. Individual account deposits must total $1,000 or more at the time of opening to meet the standards of our program.

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