Forex News: Uptrend Stalls. British Retail Sales Eyed for Pound’s Next Move


Forex News: The pair continued to trade in a range yesterday and showed a bounce at resistance followed by a failed break of support. The US data was mixed and didn’t have a notable impact on price action.

Uptrend Stalls. British Retail Sales Eyed for Pound’s Next Move 1

Technical Outlook

The uptrend is still strong but for the time being the pair remains in consolidation phase until 1.2195 support or 1.2280 resistance is broken. It must be noted that the bulls have tried several times to break 1.2280 and each time the attempt resulted in a huge pin bar candle (very long wick, small body), which is a sign of strong rejection. If the pair descends again below 1.2195 we expect to see an encounter with the 50 EMA.

Fundamental Outlook

Today’s only notable release for the pair will be the University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment, scheduled at 3:00 pm GMT. This survey gauges the opinions of consumers regarding current and future economic conditions and acts as a leading indicator of consumer spending. Higher readings indicate optimism and usually strengthen the US Dollar but the impact is limited if the actual number comes close or matches expectations. Today’s forecast is 97.0 while the previous was 95.9.



The pair created a new top at 1.3942 but retraced lower and at the time of writing it is hovering close to the previous resistance at 1.3860. The outlook remains bullish but short term action is mixed.

Uptrend Stalls. British Retail Sales Eyed for Pound’s Next Move 2

Technical Outlook

The Relative Strength Index is moving lower but price is still moving higher. This is a bearish divergence that warns of a potential move south, which will have increased chances of happening if the pair moves below 1.3860. Such a scenario will have 1.3820 – 1.3800 as first target but if the pair stays above 1.3860, we expect another move towards 1.3942.

Fundamental Outlook

At 9:30 am GMT the British Retail Sales come out, showing changes in the total value of sales made through retail stores. Such sales represent the main part of consumer spending, thus higher numbers can have a positive impact on the currency. Today’s expected change is a drop of -0.8% from the previous 1.1%.


Written by: Bogdan Giulvezan

The article above is based on the writer’s 8-year experience and it does not constitute trading advice or investment recommendations, just a personal opinion and view of the market.